Helping your Recovering Child

The recovery of an abduction victim largely depends on the relationship with their parents. If their parents are able to cope in a positive way with impossible situations, their children feel that they can move forward and recover. Therefore, parents must know about their children and their history.

If your child has gone through a traumatic experience, she/he may be struggling with upsetting emotions, a sense of constant danger or frightening memories. She may feel disconnected, numb and unable to trust others. When bad things happen, time will be taken to get over the pain and feel safe again. However, with right treatment, support and helping strategies, you can speed up the recovery of your child.

Psychological and emotional trauma is the result of extraordinarily stressful events. It can shatter the sense of security of your child and make them feel vulnerable and helpless in a dangerous world. Experiencing trauma in childhood has long lasting and severe effect. When childhood trauma is not resolved, the fundamental sense of helplessness and fear carries over into adulthood. When your child is abducted, it disrupts your child’s sense of security and safety. As a result, your child will show some psychological and emotional symptoms such as:

* Self-blame, shame, guilt
* Anger, mood swings, irritability
* Disbelief, denial or shock
* Feeling hopeless or sad
* Withdrawing from others
* Anxiety and fear
* Difficulty concentrating, confusion
* Feeling disconnected

Physical Symptoms

* Being startled easily
* Nightmares or insomnia
* Aches and pains
* Racing heartbeat
* Fatigue
* Muscle tension
* Edginess and agitation
* Difficulty concentration

These feelings and symptoms may last for a few days to a few months and they gradually fade away. However, even when your child feels better, they may be troubled from time to time by painful emotions and memories, especially in response to triggers such as sound, situation or image that reminds the traumatic experience.

Spend More Time Together

After a traumatic experience like abduction, fear or worry may disturb the sleep patterns of your child. Lack of sleep can make them trauma symptoms worse. So, your child struggles to maintain their emotional balance. Your child needs to sleep around 7 to 9 hours each night. You can give your child a soft blanket, stuffed animal, or flashlight to take to bed. You must spend extra time with your child in the evening, reading or doing quiet activities.

Be Patient

Healing from psychological or emotional trauma takes time. So, you must be patient with the pace of recovery. You must also remember that the response of everyone to trauma is different. So, do not judge the reaction of your child against your own response. Many children may try to return to the earlier stage when they felt safer. Younger children may want a bottle or wet the bed. Older children may feel that they are alone. If your child responds in such a way, you must show patience.

Communicate Openly

You must communicate openly with your child, which has significant role in Helping Your Recovering Child. You must inform to them that it is normal to feel upset and scared. You must deal with the symptoms of trauma positively, which help them to respond to such situations. You must also encourage your child to engage in physical activities, players, seek out friends and other activities.

After a trauma, you must listen to your children without judgment. When you listen to them, you are letting them know that they are still validated and valued regardless of what damage they may have experienced. When you let your children express their feelings, you are giving them a chance to grieve. Do not allow your child to comfort you. Make sure to express your love and care through your words and actions. So, they will feel that they are grateful to you.

New Technology to Help the Search for Missing Kids

The mounting problem of children getting lost is currently the greatest concern for almost every parent. There are many stories about many children innocently wandering from their homes, and most of these stories have a sad ending; maybe later a child is found death or sexually abused. Owing to the rising number of incidences associated with lost children; tracking devices for kids have been introduced so that they can easily be located when they go missing as well as prevent them from getting lost. For tech-savvy parents, there are several high-tech resources for locating missing children that they can wear as anklets, wristwatches or clipped onto shoelaces or belt loops. In fact, here are the best high-tech resources for locating missing children.

The Amber Alert GPS

The Amber Alert GPS is a child-friendly and a long-lasting resource that allows parents or guardians to call and track the location of their lost kids as well as allows children to call their parents by simply touching a distress button using AT&T’s 3G network. The Amber Alert GPS has several attachment accessories that give parents and kids many options on how to wear the device. This device has no screen and no internet access thus it protects the children from accessing information that is no appropriate for them. When your child gets lost, and he has this tracking device, you will be able to access your kid’s real-time location through a mobile application or online portal, without any complication.

Pocket Finder

It is among the best tracking devices for locating missing kids, teens and senior parents. This device is very reliable as it gives you full control of your child’s whereabouts giving you a peace of mind knowing that you are connected to your child any time of the day. Pocket Finder allows you access the information about your child from the website or by using a mobile application ensuring your child don’t get lost as well as locating lost child.

Secure GPS eZoom

Secure GPS eZoom tracking device allows parents to check the location of their children any time of the day online by using a mobile phone or through a text message. This device has a button that quickly connects a kid in distress with his parent by sending the current location of the child making it easy for a parent to locate his or her lost child. Secure GPS eZoom also comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, allowing parents to find where their lost kids are even after a long period.


This is a tiny GPS-tracker that can be practically located at any time of the day, at any location. When it is attached to your child, you will be able to locate your child when he or she gets lost by simply launching an application on your phone, and it will show the location of your child and the real time on the map. Also, Trax has an ability to notify parents about the location of their lost children, hence ensuring that you kid is safe and can be located within a very short time.

Conclusively the above devices are the best resources for locating missing children very easily. With these high-tech resources, finding your child will be as simple as ABC. Therefore, parents should ensure their kids have these resources so as to help them in locating of their lost kids.

Top Cities that Struggle with Runaways

Runaway children are children who have left home because of family issues such as poverty, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, domestic violence, internet predators, substance abuse, mental health problems and even gender identity issues. Most of these children leave their home without saying a word to anyone making their parents/guardians worried and leaving them with no choice but to call the police.

Issues of runaway children are considered to be private family matters therefore they are not published on the press or put on social media sites. However, some children may be forced to leave their homes because of superstition by relatives that they are practicing sorcery especially in some parts of Congo and Uganda in Africa. Here are the top cities for runaway children;

  1. Nairobi.

It is the capital city of Kenya and it is known to have over 60,000 runaway children roaming the streets aimlessly. Most of these children are known to have run away from their families due to poverty, abandonment, abuse, neglect and also in search for urbanization. These runaway children in the streets of Nairobi are said to develop habitual behaviors such as sniffing glue and getting involved in Narcotics so as to cope with the harsh life in the street. With an alarming number of 60,000 runaway children, Nairobi is among one of the top cities for runaway children today.

  1. Freretown.

Freretown is located in Sierra Leone and is one of the top cities for runaway children in the world with an estimated number of 50,000 runaway children sleeping in the streets every night. These children are said to have deserted their homes because of extreme poverty situations and also lack of child rights.

  1. Dhaka.

It is one of the top cities for runaway children with an estimated number of 333,920 runaway children in the streets. The city is located in Bangladesh and the main reason for their departure from their respective homes is lack of child rights and also extreme conditions of poverty. These runaway children are exposed to sexual trafficking, homelessness, substance abuse and organized crimes. Being the capital city, Dhaka has the highest number of runaway children in the whole of Bangladesh.

  1. Istanbul.

Istanbul is a city found in Turkey and has over 30,109 runaway children who live in the streets. The children have been exposed to drug substances, sexual abuse and commercial sex exploitation. Runaway children in Istanbul are said to have departed from their homes because of broken homes, domestic violence and sexual abuse. Istanbul is one of the top Cities for runaway children which have 85% of its victims under the age of 10.

  1. New Delhi.

New Delhi is a city in India which has an estimated number of 1 million runaway children in the streets. It is one of the cities in India known to harbor the most number of runaway children. Most of these children in New Delhi are said to be male aged between 10- 14 years and few females’ runaway children who participate in commercial sex work. The runaway children depart from their homes due to extreme poverty situations and in search for urbanization.

Runaway children are not usually charged when caught by police because running away from home is not a crime. However, they are usually detained for a short period of time while arrangements are made for them to be taken back to their homes and this might take hours, days or even weeks. The top cities for runaway children are mostly capital cities and it is easy to see why most children take off to these cities because of their rapid development.

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Resources to Help Locate Missing Children

Parents dearly love their kids. They can do anything to make their kids happy. This is the reason many parents normally give their children a proper upbringing and take them to one of the best schools to study. However, it can be very traumatizing to hear that your child has gone missing. A sudden rush of panic and terror would overtake would overtake our body. This is a feeling all parents feel when they lose their children from sight but imagine if you could not find your children and they “just disappeared”. Children run away from home for numerous reasons. However, they always come back on their own accord after enjoying their own personal freedom, or after cooling down from a disagreement with a parent or one of their family members. There are various resources that can help you locate missing chidren. They include the following:

  1. The police

Not knowing where your child is can actually cause a panic to any parent. You should notify the police once you notice that your child has gone missing. Ensure that you open up to them when they ask for the details of your missing child. You should disclose any information regarding to how your child was dressed up, who he or she was lastly seen with and all that. Do not delay to inform the police so that they can take the necessary action. They can really help you in locating your missing child.

  1. Child’s cell phone.

Children are fond of using their cell phones to contact their colleagues. If you bought your child a smartphone, it is important to install a “locate my phone” app on that device. If the app is activate, you can try to locate your child through this service. If the phone is in your name, you can try to contact your cell phone provider. Your cell phone provider can help you to ping the location of your phone. That will go a long way in helping you to locate your missing child.

  1. Social media accounts

Nowadays, many people post everything about their life on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others. Your child may be a victim of this and therefore, you can check on their updates and see what they are posting about. You should see who they are taking photos with so that you can try to establish who they hang out with. In addition, pay attention to the background of the photo. There could be street signs, names or anything unique that can go a long way in knowing your child’s whereabouts. Recent photos and posts on social media can really be of great help to you.

  1. Neighbors and friends.

Your child may be a social person, meaning that he or she tends to interact with almost everybody in the neighbourhood.He or she may also be having several friends in the estate that you live in or even at school. These neighbors can basically be resourceful if you notify them that your child is missing. They can share more information regarding to where your child was lastly seen, whom they were seen with and all that. Some of them can practically help you in locating your missing child as a sign of love. That may go a long way in helping you locate your missing child.

Your child is very precious to you. This is the reason you should use the above mentioned resources in locating your missing child. Do not hesitate to inform the relevant authorities about your missing child. Do not leave anything to chance. Take action and try to locate your missing child.

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How Amber Alerts Work

Amber alert has been helping in the search of kidnapped and abducted children in the US since 1996. This emergency response service works in association with different agencies like the law enforcement, media, transport and even the communication agencies to respond to emergency. The main objective of amber alert is creating an awareness to all citizens and this makes it easy to recover the lost child.

Procedures involved in an amber alert.

Amber alert incorporates many agencies so for it to work a number of procedures are followed to ensure safe recovery of a lost child. The alert comes as an audible signal message and also vibration giving details about the alert such as description of the child and other important details. The following are procedures involved in an amber alert:

Notification of the law enforcement authorities

A missing child’s case is first reported to the local law enforcement authority where the child was abducted. The law enforcement authority will access the case and determine if there is a need to issue an amber alert concerning the missing child. This is the time where the law enforcement take vital information that might assist is rescuing the missing child.

Distribution to related agencies.

Once the law enforcement authorities determine that there is a need for an amber alert, the notification is distributed to all the agencies that will help in rescuing the lost child. For instance, the information is distributed to all broadcaster and the alert is shown in television networks and radios. There is also a need to give the alert to transport agencies because during abduction a child is likely to be moved. All avenues that are likely to help rescue the lost child are used. This is to ensure that all members of the community help find the lost child in the shortest time possible.

Distribution to cell phones and wireless devices.

Due to changes in technology there has been a need to incorporate amber alert signals in cell phones and wireless devices. This has proved to be a very effective way aside broadcast and transport agencies. People who have cell phones can access the information whenever they are even if they won’t be able to see the television. Cell phone and wireless signal has become a great addition to increasing the scope of search.

Amber alert is an effective way to rescuing children who might be in danger of injury or even death. So far amber alert has been part of rescuing over 600 children in the United States since its creation. Amber alert works in assisting children who are below the age of 17 years because they are considered as minors. For an amber alert to be released, law enforcement authorities must prove that the child is in serious danger of either death or injury before the amber signal is released to the public. People with information that might help in rescuing the lost child are always advises to report to the law enforcement agencies who later follow up the information and start the rescue process.

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